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Our family story and the loss of our founder, Patrick Ford Dwyer, has been told on international television for the past 4 seasons on Discovery Channel's 'Deadliest Catch'. A big part of that story has been ALS TDI, the largest research facility in the world solely dedicated to finding a cure for ALS.


We have been given a unique opportunity to now tell the story of the incredible life saving work at TDI but we need your help to do it. A production company has offered their services on this project but everything comes at a cost. We are asking for your help to raise the funds needed to share TDI with the world and to find a cure for this horrible disease.

Donations can be made online directly to TDI and will be specifically allocated to this project. Please specify 'ALS TDI Video' in the comment box.

Families, companies or individuals who donate to sponsor this project will be added to the credits at the end of the film as a Thank You for your contribution.

When you walk through the lab at TDI for the first time there is an overwhelming sense of hope. There are people dedicating their lives to find a treatment for ALS and for many of them, TDI has been their home for many years. The history and dedication found in this lab have led to many accomplishments but this is donation based science, so it's only as good as what we can put into it. 

By telling the story of compassion, humility and perseverance we can share with the world the importance of the life saving science being done at TDI. 


ALS is not incurable, it's underfunded and this video will help us raise the funds we need to one day find a treatment.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated and will be directly allocated to the ALS TDI film. For any questions regarding the project please send an email to

Tax deductible donations can also be mailed in the form of a check to:

ALS Therapy Development Institute

ATTN: Donation Processing

300 Technology Square, Suite 400

Cambridge MA, 99023

Specify 'ALS TDI Video' on the memo line.

Why This Video is Important

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